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Impressions of a gun show virgin

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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Armed Forces Exchange Employees. Limited Exchange Privileges generally exclude tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and military uniforms.

since i was referring specifically about you, it was presumed from your other postings and volunteering of information you are retired, therefore, you have full exchange privileges as i stated.

you are correct but in the interest of brevity i listed the main individuals who are authorized but you are correct there are other patrons who are authorized based on their occupation as well as if they are stateside or overseas, to shop in the exchange but they are unique and must have specific permissions and id cards or order authorized by military allowing them to shop there.

and the general public must have been granted access by the security forces to the base/post/station to even gain access to the exchange and again you are correct they may eat in the food courts if they are available. however since we were specifically discussing purchase of firearms, the general public has no ability to purchase them.

i am sorry exchange employees lost their discount which was a staple in the past.

finally, i specifically stated exchange patrons do not pay sales tax.

so your statement i was ignorant and incorrect stems from what portion of the information i provided?

your P/A behaviour is quite obvious ...

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May 21, 2006
This is a lie. He can delete this post in addition to the other one, but it won't change the lie. I received an official notification of an infraction for the PM, not a warning. Grape lied.
You received an infraction in error - that was immediately changed to a warning, which was my intent for that particular personal insult.

You received the later infraction for posting the contents of a PRIVATE message.

You are on record as having been advised re all of the above.

This thread has deviated from the OP so badly that it is being locked and a replacement started:
Not open for further replies.