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Interesting comment on LTCH...


Regular Member
Jul 5, 2011
So I went yesterday to a "Big Box Office Store", (not carrying at all); just to get my LTCH laminated for my wallet.
The lady sees it, smiles and says "Another one I see."
While she is getting it ready for lamination, I ask: "So you see these a lot?"
Her answer. "We're seeing a large increase in the number of people coming in here with them to get them laminated."

It got me to thinking, that this could either mean:
A: An increase in LTCH's being issued.
B: A sudden rush of LTCH holders to get theirs laminated.

Perhaps we'll be seeing more OC and/or CC in the area? That would be nice.

Oh..and the big box office store only charged me $1.34 for lamination and trimming.