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Introducing my self

sebas zx6r

New member
Feb 5, 2013
Hi, i have been reading a lot from this forum since a while.

My name is Sebas, im from canada, in the montreal area. Im a gun enthousiast since my early age.

I own several firearm. Riffle, shotgun and handgun. Here in canada the rules and laws are really strict. Its not easy for us to have handgun because they are what they call here restricted firearm.
And carryng on a person for self protection is prohibited

Im also an IPSC licence shooter.

Ill be visintg and camping in vermont and maine this summer and ill be open carrying for my and my family protection.

Just to anwser some post over this forum about non immigrant possesing firearms the laws as change in July 2012.

They clarified the nonimmigrant alien statue. As a canadian, we are non immigrant alien WITHOUT A VISA and we are not any more prohibated from having fireamrs in the united state.



Of course ill have all the law info with me in case i got arretd by a LEO, just to be sure that he knows the news regulation.

So if this sumer you see a quebec licence plate on a car with somone opencarryng, dont be shy and comme over to say Hi.

Sorry for my poor english, we dont pratice alot around here.