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IWB Holster


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Mar 7, 2008
Dover, ,
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Hot here in Delaware today. Clicking around on the site and that Crossbreed ad keeps popping up in my face with that guy in a ski mask. So I have to comment!

I have a cross breed IWB holster. I wouldn't wear it on a day like today! I would have heat rash all under the large leather section that isbody side. The IWBholsters are OK for those people that don't mind having two wardrobes. One for when you wear the IWB and another normal set of clothes when you use some other type of holster, or for that matter want to carry a different gun. Before you buy a IWB holster be aware that your pants will have to be around 2 inches larger in the waist for you to snap the pants. And you will still need a belt to hold up you pants because of the added weight. Crossbreed touts that you can carry a bigger gun with their holster, so I bought one for my Glock 22. Yes it is comfortable and it works but, fully loaded the glock tends to pull my pants down on the gun side. So you either keep pulling your pants up every 100 steps or tighten your belt to the point of it being uncomfortable.

I cannot get comfortable on my motorcycle with the crossbreed iwb holster. For cycle riding its the shoulder rig or one of the belt types. It was not comfortable in the car/truck either. I tried moving it around to find a sweet spot to no avail.

Yes it is comfortable standing up and walking in cool to mild temperatures but I wouldn't wear it in hot weather like we are having today. Also you will need bigger pants in the waist to wear it. The holster is gun specific by model#.