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Jefferson County Clerk's Office

gutshot II

Regular Member
Jul 1, 2017
Central Ky.
Back in November, a KC3 member contacted board members about an apparent violation of KRS 65.870. This KC3 member is an employee of the Jefferson County Clerk's Office. The employee complained that employees of that office were told that possession of a firearm while at work or on official business was grounds for termination. No proof of this was offered. Through an Open Records Request we received the two documents that can be accessed from the two links below. Look at item (k) on page #33.

Next is the Employee Policy Manual (PPM). Look at the second page, then the 4th item above "EMPLOYEE CONDUCT".

I then sent an email to the Clerk, Bobbi Holsclaw. The message contained a copy of both of the documents and an explanation of KRS 65.870. The Jefferson Co. Clerk's office is the largest clerk's office in the state. There are several satellite offices all around Jefferson Co., mainly to make it easier to transfer vehicles and get license plates. In any case getting access to Ms. Holsclaw is not easy. She has reportedly been away from her office for some time. I eventually got a response to my email and she said that the policy was not really what was on the paper. She said that the "authorised" part was to allow police to carry concealed weapons in all of the buildings even though Lou. Metro has a "No Concealed Weapons" ordinance. I wasn't buying it. I sent back an email and said that if that was true she had done a very poor job of conveying that to her employees because they had been told by supervisors that they would be fired if found with a gun. Finally, I got an email saying the whole thing had been given to the County Attorney's Office.

Today, I received a letter from Mike O'Connell's office. You can see that letter and some amended documents here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1uax9a7zcr1wpzu/Redacted Clerks letter.pdf?dl=0

The two entries about possession of weapons are gone. I thought they would put up a better fight than this but they have been to court with KC3 two other times and it didn't work out for them either time. Maybe they just didn't want to make it 3 in a row.