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Kidnapper and rapist shot by his captive


Regular Member
Sep 8, 2008
Mason, Michigan

The incident began Wednesday afternoon when police say suspect Stephen Cronk, 58, asked the woman to meet at a Mount Juliet gas station after she got off work. The man told her he was moving away and wanted to meet with the woman, a prior acquaintance, one last time, police said.
The woman agreed to the meeting.
The woman willingly got into Cronk's truck before he pulled out a handgun, according to police. Cronk proceeded to restrain the woman to the seat using duct tape, police said, then drove to a hotel in Aberdeen, Mississippi, about 250 miles away.
At the hotel, the woman was forced to perform sexual acts on Cronk, according to police. At one point, the woman asked Cronk to get her a drink. While he was doing so, she managed to get control of the gun and shot him in the stomach, according to Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle.

After the shooting, the woman locked herself in the bathroom until she heard Cronk leave the hotel, Randle said.


Campaign Veteran
Jan 15, 2007
Just another exampler of how true the saying is that if you have a handgun they will take it away and use it on you.

Never been there or done that but "THEY" say that dying of a gut shot is both painful and slow. I'm hard pressed to feel sympathy for the guy.

Finally, a bit of soapbox time - while the advice to meet folks in a public place is good, it only works if you stay in the public part of the place. That includes not getting into their truck or stepping around the corner so you can talk "in private" or whatever other excuse is tried.

stay safe.