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Letter Senator Wanggaard

Running Wolf

Campaign Veteran
May 10, 2009
Corner of No and Where
Here's what I just wrote to Senator Wanggaard:

Senator Wanggaard,

Legislation has been introduced today that addresses concealed carry of firearms in Wisconsin. Considering my previous correspondence with you I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I prefer LRB-2007/1.

This bill will reduce the legislative restrictions on our liberties and create an atmosphere in our great state that will make all law-abiding, freedom-loving residents breathe a little easier. All of the gun-owners I've met over the years strike me as individuals that live in accordance with their convictions and make value-based decisions. In short they live their lives lawfully, not because our laws try to dictate their behaviour, but because they've made a personal decision to live within the law.

Living within the law is made easier when our laws are representative of the will of those being governed. In regards to the right to keep and bear arms I believe the majority of Wisconsin residents agree that fewer restrictions are necessary.

Constitutional Carry makes sense because it makes life easer and more comfortable for the good, honest people of our state, and it makes life more difficult and less comfortable for those people in our state that choose to disregard both the letter, and spirit of the law.

An elected official with the courage to stand up for the individuals he represents is destined to win the admiration of his consituents. I would be proud to have elected a senator that believes the majority of legal gun-owners in our state are mature and responsible enough to act wisely, and make safe choices.

Please vote with the will of the people. Vote for Constitutional Carry.

Thank You,

Tim (etc.)

I think it came out OK, I'd appreciate feedback . . .


Regular Member
Feb 17, 2011
Up Nort' Wi
I like it. Non confrontational so it doesn't back 'em into a corner. Well reasoned and well articulated arguments and statements.

I, personally, say "Well done"