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LOCAL Newsletter for April 2014 is Out.


Regular Member
Jul 20, 2008
Saint Gabriel, Louisiana, USA
LOCAL Newsletter for April 2014 is Out.
This week Louisiana Open Carry Awareness League (LOCAL) members received an email containing the latest LOCAL Newsletter.
This month's newsletter has the usual meeting and gun show announcements and we answer some questions we have received in the past few weeks.
We tell you about one of our Area Coordinators having to step down and we discuss the ongoing legal fight of an Open Carrier arrested while OCing in a La Walmart.
A LOCAL member who practices law in SouthEast La introduces himself and his desire to find test cases to fight the bans on open carry in restaurants and school zones.
There's also the discussion of our table at an upcoming Gun show.
There was also the regular plea for new members and for those already signed up to donate or renew their memberships as soon as possible. LOCAL has been very active putting out pamphlets at events and sending them to people who request them across the state. From CHP instructors to business owners who display our pamphlets on their counters, we get lots of requests for our educational materials every month. Your dues and other donations help us with printing and mailing costs as well as the other costs associated with fulfilling the LOCAL Mission.
Not yet a member of LOCAL but want to read our (mostly) monthly newsletter? Go to this link at our website- http://www.laopencarry.org/newsletter1404.shtml .
If you like what we are doing and want to support us and our mission to educate the public about the legal right to bear arms in La please consider becoming a LOCAL member.