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Long Gun OC Ban Bill Amended Again

Save Our State

Regular Member
Feb 18, 2011
The Golden State
Recent amendments to Portantino's AB 1527 have added another exemption:

ai) On the navigable waters of this state that are held in public
trust, if the possession and use of an unloaded firearm that is not
a handgun is not prohibited by the managing agency thereof and the
person carrying the firearm is in lawful possession of the firearm.
I was wondering about whether a boat was considered a vehicle insofar as it pertained to this bill. Someone else must have been concerned also, which makes me wonder just what person(s) or group has enough pull to get an exemption the likes of this. I'm guessing it was hunters again? But there already was a hunter exemption, so....

Also can't help but wonder just which agency is actually authorized to prohibit firearms on a navigable waterway? State lands commission? Department of boating and waterways?
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