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looking for ar-15 and berreta 92fs and 12 ga.


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Feb 20, 2007
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scorpio_vette wrote:
WOW.......remind me never to buy a gun from you. 92FS are going around here for about $400 used from a dealer. so i would think private would usually be less.

$300 for a used shotgun......well that depends on which make/model i guess. i know you can buy home defense shotguns and other models brand new for as low as $200+.

Wow, back. Sure, prices rangedepending on region/state. Is the $400 for a 98%+ gun? I rather doubt it. Plenty of guns in 80% + level for that much.

As far as the shotgun, TR stated he was interested in a "good tactical defense" shotgun. That indicates a desire for better than the cheapo type that are available new in the $220-230 price point.