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Made it to 7 Starbucks in Boise on Valentine's Day


Regular Member
Jan 8, 2012
Hidden Springs, Idaho
We had to wait until after our Valentine’s dinner at Angell’s, but we made it to three more Starbucks (total of 7 today) and had a great reception at each. Most didn’t know that you could wear a gun on your hip without a license, so today was also very educational for them. At the 6th store, the barista was a 40’s something woman who, when she found out that she didn’t need a license to OC, got pretty excited about carrying a gun. At my 7th store I explained our mission and all three female baristas were totally on board and mentioned that they heard of the boycott but didn’t notice a decrease in business. When I returned to my car I remembered that I forgot to mention the significance of the 2 dollar bill. I stuck my head back in the door and explained the 2 dollar bill representing the 2nd Amendment and all three cheered out loud with their hands in the air. I thought I just made a touchdown. At each store I told them that I was making a round of most of the Boise Starbucks and they were very impressed with our effort to thank their stores and said that they would pass our IOC card up the chain. A great PR day for Open Carry!
Open Carry is the Beautiful Bold Face of the 2nd Amendment