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"Man with Shotgun at Daly City Mall was 'Open Carry' Supporter"


Regular Member
Dec 18, 2008
There is a difference that you brought up between your activity and that of what we are talking about. Yours is a practical purpose of transporting your rifle to the gun range on foot. The circumstances cannot be equally transcribed to random appearances in various social venues like urban coffee shops, restaurants, malls, and Wal*mart. What I am asserting is that unchecked, the advocacy to transport long guns in these circumstances outside any practical use, is going to escalate the conflict to a legislative solution that will mandate that your walks to the range require you to transport in a secure locked case.

While communicating your intentions to law enforcement in advance may soften the encounter, the police still view this as a problem they must respond to. This means more meaningless goosechases and more effort, which police cheifs will still take notice of. (Something that I believe we were about to overcome with handguns, before AB144 had been fully fleshed out.)
I didn't know the 2A required justifying "practicality."...


State Pioneer
May 22, 2006
Shasta County, California, USA
I didn't know the 2A required justifying "practicality."...
Re-read what I wrote. Nowhere in my commentary did I say that there was any test for practicality to exercise a right. I did however predict that the advocacy of doing things that were not practical- such as transporting arms in urban public venues for purposes other than utilizing them or as preparation for self defense, would result in a legislative response. Which California got with AB1527.

Honestly, judging by Portantino's timing with the bill, it might have been coming even if no one had slung a rifle on their back... to people like him, it was just another loophole to fill (In spite of the fact his law was written with loopholes in it.).