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Mandeville - Interesting Conversation in CVS

Tom Gresham

Regular Member
Nov 14, 2007
Covington, LA
Just went to the nearby CVS pharmacy (on Hwy 22), wearing a fleece vest with a Ruger logo and the work "Ruger" on it. When I was checking out, the clerk (who may be the manager) -- about 50 to 60 years old -- looks at the vest and says, "Oh, do you have your Ruger with you?"

I said, "Well, I have my Ruger vest." ;)

He went on to tell me that in the last couple of months, the store had seen two or three people in there carrying openly. He related that, and when I said "Yeah, that's a growing movement," he offered, "Well, it's legal and all."

At that point, the line was forming behind me, so we didn't continue the conversation, but he clearly was okay with OC.

Just a data point from the North Shore.

Oh, it wasn't a RUGER I was carrying at the time.


Regular Member
Jul 12, 2007
God's Country, Missouri

It's a well known, but unwritten, tenet of firearm ownership that when a person wears clothing depicting a brand of firearm, one must carry the matching brand of firearm.

We can't have folks carrying Sig P220's while wearing shirts with "Smith and Wesson" written on them.

Imagine the confusion passers by would encounter witnessing a Sig Sauer snug in its holster right below the Beretta logo on shirt of the person committing such blasphemy.

Nope. Folks already have a hard enough time classifying everything from cell phones to curling irons as "Glocks"....nothing good can possibly result from the mortal sin of wearing a Glock T-shirt while simultaneously displaying a Springfield Armory XD in an OWB holster.

Entirely too much chaos would ensue with such atrocious mismatching of brands and logos. This is why it's common knowledge that worn firearms must match worn apparel.

Hey, that's the rules. I didn't make them. I'm just sharing them to maintain public decency.


Regular Member
Jul 20, 2008
Saint Gabriel, Louisiana, USA
That's almost as bad as when I wear my Yaseu cap while carrying a Kenwood radio on my belt. I have some ICOM swag coming in the mail but none of my ham radios are Icom radios. In fact, my daily carry radio is a Baofeng dualband radio. I don't have any garb with a Baofeng logo. I will have to look for some at the Hamfest in Hammond next weekend.