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Martha dean urgent development

Lenny Benedetto

Regular Member
Aug 20, 2008
VP of CCDL, Inc., ,
I just got an email, check it out!!!!
Help if you can!
Thank you!!


Big development in the race for Attorney General. Last Friday, the State Supreme Court issued a 93 page written opinion on the qualifications of the CT Attorney General. This was the case where Susan Bysewicz was ruled ineligible to run for that office as her years in state service as Secretary of the State didn’t count as practicing law. Everyone expected that position to be clarified by the court statement and it was. However, the State Supreme Court further defined the qualifications of a “practicing attorney” with 10 years experience in CT as an attorney-at-law. That definition means that a person running for attorney general must have litigation experience in a courtroom before a judge. Many cases at the AG’s office go before the 2nd Court of Appeals (federal). George Jepson is not certified to go before this body. The lower federal courts (Hartford, New Haven, & Bridgeport) require than an attorney register (with three letters of recommendation) to appear before this court. George Jepsen, although being a lawyer for 26 years, only registered to go to the lower federal court on March 9, 2009 (25 years after passing the bar.) We believe that he was living in Florida at the time, but I guess he was contemplating a run for office here.

What does all this mean? We are not sure under the definition rendered by the State Supreme Court if George Jepsen is legally qualified to run for attorney general. The only way to clear this up BEFORE the election is to ask the court to make a ruling. Martha Dean wants to do this TOMORROW....but we must raise $20,000 for this purpose by the end of the week. This is too important NOT TO DO, so we are asking every friend to help in any way possible. Write a check to Dean 2010 (memo it to the legal fund for qualification) right now...any and all amounts welcome. Papers will be filed in court tomorrow. This matter needs to be resolved before the election. Can you imagine the mess if Jepsen won and then was declared ineligible??? PLEASE HELP right away www.deanag2010.com.
Pauline Kezer, Campaign Director