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Maybe converted a few today...


State Researcher
Apr 18, 2007
, Indiana, USA
imported post

I work at a lot of different branches at the bank I work at, today I went into one of our instore locations to do a little bit of grocery shopping and to stop and talk with some people about some business things.

I had worked at this particular locations for about 5 of the past 7 months. When I first came in, it was very very busy, being the 3rd of July, everyone was getting geared up for the cookouts tomorrow. When I came to the bank, I immediately noticed a lot of my regular clients, as they noticed me, and my weapon, a lot of weird looks, and I am sure I will get some questions from them on Thursday when we reopen. However a lot of the grocery store workers talked to me about it, one even asked me if I was carrying a BB gun, as he thought firearms in general were just not allowed to be carried on your person!

Usually I do not speak 2A for people, I let them make up their own minds about it, as I wish the same in return from them. However in this case I was asked by people I was familiar with so I was more comfortable answering their questions. At least two of them are going to apply for their Indiana LTCH next week! I thought this was great.

I also few positive comments from other shoppers -- which I thought was good to know that people still believe in self preservation -- and open carry as well!