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McEachin in Senate District 9 has last minute opposition


Campaign Veteran
Sep 23, 2008
Richmond, Virginia, USA
I posted this is the sticky above, but with such short notice, I wanted to give it some mention on it's own as well...if mods disapprove, zap this.

Well, as of today, McEachin in Senate District 9 has some opposition.

Floyd Mays will be interviewed on AM1140 at 5pm. Tune in if you can. As far as gun rights go, I can't find much about the guy, but he claims to be a conservative, is a business owner, and I don't suppose he can be any worse than what McEachin gives us as far as support. He seems to have a decent amount of support for a surprise entry.

I'm hoping to get a better feel for the guy at 5pm...until then a couple links.





Founder's Club Member
Jun 12, 2008
Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
bnkrazy is this the same Floyd guy who challenged Eric Cantor for his house seat back in 2010? Seems like there was someone of similar name who challenged Cantor from the same general area, but I can't find the guy's name using the search function here.

The Wolfhound

Regular Member
Sep 3, 2009
Henrico, Virginia, USA
The Kantor challenger was Floyd Bain. I know nothing about the new Floyd except that I can think of no reason he would be as bad as McKeachin. These anti-gun libs need to be opposed at every step. Throw them out.