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Mohave County Minutemen


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Aug 28, 2006
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Mohave County Minutemen Press Release.

Extreme Sacrifice in Bullhead City!

Chained! No food! No sleep! For 24 hours!

Where: In front of the Bullhead City Council Chamber!

When: Wednesday, November 8th Starting at 9.00 AM
till Thursday, November 9th at 9.00 AM

Why: to protest the City Council and the Mayor of their decision to surrender and their fear of passing ordinances to stop renting and hiring of illegal aliens in Bullhead City.

The City Council of Bullhead City has chosen to raise the white flag, and remain politically correct rather than defend the rights and welfare of the citizens and legal immigrants of Bullhead City.

Over a month ago, the Mohave County Minutemen asked the City Council to adopt the Illegal Immigration Relief Act which has already been passed in 10 other cities all over the United States.

The goal of this ordinance is to fight at the local level the problem of Illegal Aliens in our towns, especially in light of National Security.

To rent to an illegal alien can create the opportunity for terrorists to hide in our town.

To hire illegal aliens lowers wages for American Citizens and Legal Immigrants and also provides the opportunity to blend in for terrorists and criminals from other countries..

The Mohave Daily News reported on November 6, 2006 that during Saturday's Council retreat held at city hall, City Councilwoman Jan Ward said that legislation forbidding hiring or renting to illegals would likely be thrown out by courts because it may appear one ethnic group is being targeted by such laws.

Our answer:"This is not about race, it is about our national security and illegal aliens!

Also, if we had surrendered 230 years ago without even trying to fight back, we would still be an English Colony."

So, in the name of our fathers, the Mohave County Minutemen will not surrender and we invite every citizen and legal immigrant to join us in this peaceful but extreme protest.

P.S....if you can't make it for all of the all 24 hours, you can join us even for few hours... just bring your own chain and American Flag! If you can't make it contact the Mayor office and express your point of view!

Council Members can be reached by calling the at (928)763-9400 or by email at the addresses listed below.


Faxes may be sent to (928)763-2340.

www.MohaveMinutemen.com mohavem@yahoo.com

Anyone in the Tri-state area interested in fighting illegal immigration with the Minutemen please contact our website. We open carry.