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Regular Member
Jul 5, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
imported post

Red Lobster - Flamingo and Eastern. Approximately 2 miles form the Las Vegas Strip

2872007 - 1600 - walked into Red Lobster with a friend to have some late lunch. OC'd a Glock 19 in a kelvar holster (holster will have to do until I get my Safariland ALS. I have a surefire x200-a and it fits great) on my right, 2 extra 15 round mags on my left, accompanied by a 1.9oz can of ALS Top Cop OC spray. and a 4" S&W folder. All visible.

Staff was very polite, no one said a word about my Glock. When We had finished or food, the manager brought us some promotion that I guess happens every 20 or so checks. got us a discount for next time we attend, so long as we completed some phone survey, and asked us be sure to come back real soon!

Lobby was full, and half way through our meal a wait line started to form outside. Lots of children and families, but no one causing a stink about an "armed man."

All-in-all a great OC experience.



Founder's Club Member
Jul 25, 2007
Henderson, Nevada, USA
imported post

We had about 30 people over at our house to celebrate my boys' baptisms on Sunday. I open carry all the time at home and around my neighborhood.

One of the couples over at the house are our neighbors from a few doors down. My neighbor Mark, brought up carrying as a result of seeing me outside OCing. He was interested in OC and CCW, what it took to get a permit, etc.

It was a nice reminder that OC isn't just about exercising our own rights, but about evangelizing our communities as well.