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My response to a Rand 2016 fundraising email


Regular Member
Nov 15, 2010
Seattle, WA; escaped from 18 years in TX
I gave him a little money for his original Senate campaign, really just because of his father. Now he's positioned himself as the head cheerleader for the 2014 Republican Senate campaign. Does that make him Mitch McConnell's toady?


I know this was an automated message sent to everyone on your mailing list, but I'll answer anyway, just in case anyone ever reads this.

Whatever differences actually exist between Republicans and Democrats, and there are precious few, they reduce to niggling details, inconsequential nothings, when viewed from the broader perspective of individual liberty. I view Rand generally favorably, but he's far from being his father, who had even his own imperfections. But I have absolutely zero regard for the Republican Party. None. The Republican Party is so indistinguishable from the Democratic Party that I have no preference of one over the other. No preference whatsoever. The lesser-of-two-evils canard is false choice nonsense, especially when neither is actually lesser.

Tell Rand that if he ever wants a penny of my money again, he needs to come to me as an advocate of liberty, first and only. I have no regard for this petty and fruitless inter-party slap fight.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust

You have the communist party and the super-communist party.

I left the GOP in the mid-90's when they refused to eliminate the dept. of Ed when they had their chance