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My wally world experience


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Mar 29, 2010
Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
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I was working at wally world back in the 90's.(would rather not say which store)I was a CSM. It was at the end of my shift when the sporting goods person escorted a man to the front to buy 50 rds of ammo. No big deal. It was the store policy. The man made the purchase them walked out. Theassistant store managercameby andas I was leaving the cashier said look there is that guy who just bought the ammo and he has a gun. It was just tucked into his pants. No holster. And he was walking like a man on a mission who was not gonna be stopped.

Theassistant managerlooked at me. and ask. What do we do? Now the assistant mamager is over a CSM and they are asking me what to do. LOL. I said call 911 because I knew that was not normal. She then said no we better not. She then went to follow him. I called 911 any way. suddenly she came back and said call 911. I told her I already did. He was gonna kill one of our employees. The police got there just in time. They arrested the guy.

Bout a week later. That same man got out on bail and went to the home of the employee and held her hostage for like 3 days.

A lot of people fear someone they see carrying a gun. But common sense can prevail. I think the whole time I worked there I saw maybe 10 people open carrying a gun. Only one ever gave me cause for alarm and it was him.

Later while management and I was standing around discussing people with guns in the store. They were discussing calling 911 any time we saw a person with a gun walk in.I was the only one who knew that open carry was legal in Kentucky. You would think them being management they would have been aware of the issue. Amazing the ignorance of gun laws people have but yet those same people have an opinion on it.

Funny thing is I got fussed at for calling 911 without managements permission first. But the y way I feel about it. I sized up the situation. Made a decission and did what I thought was right. I have been around lots of people who carry guns. But something bout that guy just did not feel right.

Task Force 16

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Jul 20, 2008
Lobelville, Tennessee, USA
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Sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling. This guys demeanor obviously triggered suspicion.

It's amazing how some people in management positions are not capable of dealing with stressful or out of the ordinarysituations.