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My we have come a long ways

Firearms Iinstuctor

Regular Member
Jul 12, 2011
northern wis
A friend of mine went to down town Milwaukee to the NRA Carry Guard Expo.

As he was talking with some friends a on duty MPD officer came in and started talking with one of the group that the officer obviously knew.

The officer was discussing the counter protestors out side and said that there were about 50 of them in one area.

Then he said there were two open carriers across the street with pistols and rifles.

My friend was carrying as were the people he was talking too.

He reported no anti gun signs and he saw other people carrying also.

My what a change from a few years ago when Milwaukee's mayor and police chief said open carriers would be treated as criminals and spread eagled on the ground any time they were seen.

He said there was a good turn out last evening and was going back today with his 79yoa mother who wanted to go.

Open carry is becoming more and more acceptable in a lot of places across the country.

We are winning now to get the few hold out states to turn to our side.
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