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Napolitano vetoes gun legislation


State Researcher
Feb 20, 2007
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This would have been a good law, I think...

Napolitano vetoes gun legislation

Associated Press - July 3, 2007 9:34 AM ET

PHOENIX (AP) - Gun owners won't be able to lock up their weapons at public places and events that ban weapons.

Governor Napolitano has vetoed five bills passed by the Legislature before it recently adjourned its 2007 session.

1 of those would have allowed people to take guns into public events and buildings if the operator doesn't provide individually locked storage spaces for weapons.

Napolitano said she vetoed the bill because its amendments to a 2006 law were "premature." She said that law, which requires operators banning weapons to provide storage places for them, has been successfully implemented so far.

Napolitano also vetoed a bill that would have imposed new state regulatory oversight of railroad projects in the state.

Another of the bills that got a thumbs down from the governor would have made a 2006 self-defense law retroactive, requiring a number of cases to be retried.