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Navy Hires Hackers


Regular Member
Oct 1, 2011
The U.S. Navy is looking for a few good video game hackers

The U.S. government has hired a white hat hacker collective to dig through used video game systems in an effort to track down bad guys.

After all, Bin Laden had a gaming system, therefore they ALL must have gaming systems, right?

Wary of the obvious privacy concerns, the Pentagon says it only plans to use this technology overseas, since it's illegal to do so on American citizens.

That didn't stop the Patriot Act. And we trust them to not abuse this power, because...?

Beyond the possibility of terrorists using systems like Xbox Live and Nintendo's 3DS to exchange information about potential targets, the Feds are also looking to hunt down pedophiles, which sometimes use online game systems to find potential victims.

So the Feds aren't going to use this to target American citizens; only terrorists (which is you, me and your dog, apparently), and pedophiles in Ukraine? And what will they do when they find that pedophile? Extradite him to the U.S. for trial and prosecution? I know our government thinks of itself as Captain Planet, but come on!

Jack House

Regular Member
Jun 12, 2010
I80, USA
Obviously the pedophile part is stateside. And if you have a problem with the government spying on U.S. citizens with no warrant than you're a terrible and must have something to house because pedophiles!

For those that missed it, everything after "stateside" was sarcasm.

The bit about pedophiles is old news, but I can't remember what that program involves. Whether it's spying or simply hiring Chris Hansen as an FBI advisor, I have no idea.

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