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Nevadan coming to ID for camping, Open carry?


New member
Jan 3, 2011
I am coming up to ID from NV on the weekend of the 21st, traveling alone as I am meeting friends up at Heyfork Camp grounds.

Can I open carry while traveling and entering into ID and can I carry while camping?

Thanks guys, am totally looking forward to visiting your beautiful state :)

Teufey ...


Regular Member
Jul 6, 2008
Mountain Home, Idaho, USA
Idaho is one of the best open carry states, just be sure your weapon isn't hidden by your seatbelt or something while driving around unless you have a Idaho recongnized CCW/CCP. As far as camping it all depends on were you are camping but most places it is ok to open carry. I would say 6 out of 10 people you meet in Idaho are armed but most CC.