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New Changes to Georgia Weapons Laws


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Aug 4, 2007
Cumming, Georgia, USA
With Governor Deal's signature to House Bill 292 a few welcome changed have been made to Georgia's weapons laws.

In no particular order and posting as I run across them...

  • It's now an unlawful discriminatory practice for any person to refuse to provide financial services of any kind to, to refrain from continuing to provide existing financial services to, to terminate existing financial services with, or to otherwise discriminate in the provision of financial services against a person or trade association solely because such person or trade association is engaged in the lawful commerce of firearms ...
  • Whereas previously a knife was defined as any blade over 5" and fastened to a handle, it's now defined as any blade over 12" and fastened to a handle. Any blade shorter than 12 inches does not require a GWL to carry.
  • There is now a 90-day 'grace period' where someone moving into the state may carry a weapon on their previous state's permit. This clears up a bit of ambiguity in the law where a new resident would necessarily be prohibited from being armed as soon as they had established residence but had no immediate proof of residency.
  • A Probate Court may now provide optional firearm safety information to weapons license applicants. Some courts were reported to have had complaints that they were handing out non-governmental supplied booklets or recommending that applicants seek answers to questions from outside sources (such as Georgia Carry or Georgia Packing).
  • The term 'commercial service airport' has been defined so as to exclude any private and most regional airports and airfields.
  • Any instructor who lawfully instructs or trains a student in the use of a firearm shall be immune from civil liability for any injuries caused by that student's failure to use a firearm properly or lawfully.
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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
thanks for sharing as it is appreciated as i will be in the state next weekend...