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New Jerseystan News: Frenchtown NJ Police Arrest 60 years old Florida Grandmother


Nov 3, 2016
Warning this one will anger you. Frenchtown NJ police are an embrasskment to law enforcement with this non-sense traffic stop then making Grandma a felon over what would be a "Mamm your Florida permit is not honored here. So lock it up in the trunk for me, don't do this again, have a nice day." anywhere else.

Woman arrested after cops find loaded handgun in her purse

This poor woman should of known better, but she may be royally screwed and facing several years in prison. Remember Governor Christie is gone in a few weeks. Given the statements of the very anti-gun incoming Governor, a pardon from his office may be tough to come by minus some serious public outcry.

Please read this lady's story below, consider donating, and help spread the story as she's going to need a lot of help with this crazy mess. This nice lady could be your Mother, Aunt, or Grandmother.

GoFundMe: Donna Marie Gracey
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Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
I believe pardons are available ONLY to convicts.

I guess it would depend on the state constitution, but remember Nixon was pardoned. A pardon can only be given for past crimes, cannot be granted for the future though.

It would seem the process is through the parole board which means a conviction would be necessary. So far I find nothing that says he cannot pardon without going through the board.
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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Why is it there is absolutely nothing, NADA, about this allegedly three day olde incident except a small blurb on nj dot com ~ oh ya all the internet gun sites have jumped on the bandwagon reporting the incident as if it were the second coming!

Not any other NJ news media mentioned this incident which is, IMHO, odd considering the political fervor the Governor endured over these issues in the recent past.