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NH: Liberty Alliance fights to keep legislator salaries at $100/year


Regular Member
May 14, 2008
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No, the headline is not missing any zeroes... New Hampshire lawmakers really do get paid just 100 dollars a year, plus mileage.

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance is trying to keep it that way by opposing a proposed constitutional amendment that would open a path to increasing this amount. This amendment would, in their view, threaten the state's tradition of a what amounts to an all-volunteer legislature.

If you live in state you can contact the committee that will vote on this, at HouseLegislativeAdministration@leg.state.nh.us
I'm projecting that February 4th would be roughly the deadline for contacting them before they decide.

Does your state have an organization that tracks and fights nearly every anti-liberty (not just anti-Republican) move by your legislature? If not, move to NH where we do!

http://www.gencourtmobile.com/Bill/Text/2019/CACR2 - Text of the proposal
http://NHLiberty.org - The Alliance


Campaign Veteran
Jan 14, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
I'm all for the mostly volunteer legislature. It keeps out those who're in it for the money. It also acts as a filter, selecting those who've already managed to achieve a certain level of success. They know the discipline and hard that's required for success.