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NJ Woman Brutally Murdered While Waiting for Pistol Permit to Protect Herself


Regular Member
Aug 21, 2011
Boone County, KY
NJ Woman Brutally Murdered While Waiting for Pistol Permit to Protect Herself

I first saw this on the GOA Facebook Alerts which linked up to thefederalistpapers.org. I went over to the NJgunforums.com and this is a very hot topic (as it should be). This is starting to get traction around the country.

As some of you might know. In order to buy a rifle or a handgun in NJ you have to apply to the police to get a purchasers permit, pay about $90 in fees, fill out an application, undergo a background check, undergo a mental health check, get fingerprinted, list 2 or 3 references, wait for your references to be verified. And 30 to 90 days you have your permit. One permit is for purchasing rifles or the other permit is for purchasing ONE handgun.

No you cannot get a carry permit in NJ. She just wanted to BUY a handgun for protection but that takes months.

So what happened? Carole Bowne of Berlin Township NJ was under threat of domestic violence. She attempted to take steps to protect herself. She got a restraining order. Installed security cameras, and an alarm system. Then started the long draconian and onerous NJ purchase permit process on April 21 to buy a handgun to protect herself.

Wednesday night, Carol was stabbed to death in her driveway by her ex boyfriend.


"Carol Bowne died because the New Jersey gun laws are so outrageously draconian they didn’t allow her to protect herself.......No one can ever know if Bowne would have saved her own life had she had a firearm because she was never allowed the chance to own one thanks to handgun laws in New Jersey. "

There is more...

"Gun control extremists have worked hard to take that right away. These people must be held accountable for Carol Bowne’s brutal murder."



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Apr 2, 2007
Southeast, Missouri, USA
Truly horrid. Once again proof that without the protection of one's right of self-defense and by extension the means of that self-defense none of the other constitutional or legal protections matter.


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Mar 29, 2013
to the article

"Americans have the fundamental right to protect themselves thanks to the 2nd Amendment."

I ,as a human ,was born with the 'fundamental right to protect themselves/myself'.
I do not 'thank the 2nd Amendment' I curse those that ignore the restrictions placed upon the government..


New member
Mar 19, 2009
, ,
I hope her family sues. Terrible to hear that. Most any other state she would most likely be alive today. Hey NJ law makers!! YOU ARE AT FAULT just as much as the guilty one. I hope they read this.