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NRA is Endorsing Koster over Greitens.

OC for ME

Regular Member
Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
...exactly, the NRA will follow the money...

Koster had ample opportunity to get prior restraint laws on our enumerated right to be tossed as unconstitutional...just sayin.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
Greitens won a four-candidate primary in August to win the GOP nomination. His military career was central to his campaign, which included ads featuring him firing an assault rifle and a Gatling-style military machine gun.


That don't impress me much ....


His military experience is central to his campaign ? Why would that be "central" to his campaign. He going to lead a seal mission or something?

Now being in the Air Force is another matter ~ simply due to the reasons given in Independence Day (the good one!).

The NRA can endorse alien-Hillary , I do not even look at their goofball ratings ~~ I have caught them lying too many times in the past.


Campaign Veteran
Apr 2, 2007
Southeast, Missouri, USA
That's fine the NRA does that and I understand why. I'm not voting for Koster no matter who endorses him.

Koster has been a crappy AG. He also put a fascist idiot hoplophobe in charge of 2A in the AG office who gave out a lot of bad info to citizens the first year of Koster's term. He pays a lot of lip-service and appearance of 2A support but underneath he is a progressive fascist before all else. There are plenty of other negatives from his time as AG.

I just look at it this way ... Jay Nixon was a very good AG. The only (D) I have voted for multiple times.; He applied the law equitably, even when he didn't agree with it. When CC passed, he put pro-2A guys in charge of reciprocity and, according to both of them and the results they achieved, he stayed out of their way and didn't interfere with fair application of the law. BUT as governor, he hasn't give 2 squats about equitable application of law. He was almost impeached because of ignoring the law and turning private citizen records to the fed in violation of MO laws. I didn't and wouldn't vote for him for governor or any higher office.

Koster in contrast is already a biased, inequitable law applying failure in the AG office. I cannot imagine promoting him.

Of course, similarly, Kander has screwed up the Sec of State's office and also wants a promotion.

Voting against Koster and Kander is a no brainer. They both deserve to be fired, not promoted.


Regular Member
Apr 1, 2009
Southern MO
Didn't MO go Republican on all statewide offices up for election yesterday? NRA backed the wrong man again.


Regular Member
Feb 22, 2011
It did, except for the GA of course. And they did back the wrong pony.

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