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NV Set to Honor RI CCW Permits


Regular Member
Jul 8, 2006
Michigan, USA
What's NV's criteria for recognition? I can't seem to figure it out.

Rhode Island qualifed in 2010 because you have to be 21+ to get a permit and there is a live fire requirement as per RI 11-47-15.

Nevada checks these things,

21 age rule (no exemption, Texas issues to military who are 18 so this disqualified them)

Must have a live fire requirement, no exceptions.

Must run a background check.

This is basically their requirements.


Regular Member
Feb 8, 2011
Johnston County NC
On Dec1, 2011 your AG permits will be recognized in NC, It would be nice if you reciprocated but being a former RI'er I ain't holding my breath.:cuss: