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OC conversation with Grand Junction "Park Patrol"


Regular Member
Mar 22, 2012
The High Plains of Wyoming
I often take our little dog for a walk in a city park in the afternoon before picking up the wife from work. They have unarmed bicycle mounted "Park Patrol" keeping an eye on things, when I encounter one I usually wave, say HI if they are close enough.

Friday I met one riding toward me on one of the interior paved walkways, he stopped before I got there and took his helmet off and when I got there, when I got up to him the following conversation took place...

PP} Are you retired law enforcement or military?

me} No; just a regular Joe

PP} Well, we all see you walking in the parks and several of us were talking about you the other day. We see open carries from time to time and so many of them are like (assumes a Popeye like stance puffed up and arms out at the shoulder)

me} Yea or slinking around like a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking-chairs, self-conscious, looking around to see if anyone notices

PP} Yea; but you carry so naturally, like it's nothing, like someone who is so totally accustomed to carrying a gun that you don't even think about it.

me} I'm originally from Indiana who has had a concealed carry law since 1934 and issues at age 18. I got my first BB gun at age 5, and by the time I entered Jr High I had a 6 slot gun rack on my bedroom wall and I was at the sheriff's office on my 18th birthday applying for my concealed carry permit; which was a couple years ago (I'm 60) so you could say I am accustomed to carrying a gun. And I was an auxiliary deputy and rode on patrol with a sheriff's deputy buddy for about 10 years as well.

PP} We figured you were well accustomed to guns.

We talked for about 5 min, then he hooked a thumb in the front of his polo shirt and pumped it back a forth a few times..

me} Are you wearing a vest?

PP} (a bit of a surprised look on his face) Yea; some times I build up a bit of speed and pull it down to scoop some cool air

me} Most LEO spend the majority of their time in an air conditioned patrol car; it's gotta be tough peddling a bike in this heat.

PP} Well I'm hoping this is a step towards getting into law enforcement, have a nice day; and keep an eye on us, if you see one of us needs some help please feel free to lend a hand.

A pleasant little break in the day.
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