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OC meet ups here in Kentucky Idea


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Mar 20, 2013
A lot of these meet up threads being posted now that summers coming around.

I would love to attend all of them given im not doing anything that day. With that being said I think since we seem to have people "interested" in these but just in different areas that we attempt to do a few big meetings maybe quarterly thats just a remote location for all of us to come together? Then from there we can have maybe bi weekly or monthly host local ones?

Maybe we can take a look at a map of KY like this one http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/img/counties/stout21.gif and then from there select 3 or so "points" that we can have as our meeting points?

ie : Jefferson - Carter meet in Lexington/ frankfort areaish. have one in grayson and maybe laurel? I know it will be impossible to do this to cater everyones need some may have to drive further then others as KY is a pretty wide state but it may be nice to meet up.

I personally don't mind driving ~ 60 miles or so to meet up and I know others have reasoning for not being able to. But I have seen several members offer to pay and help out so we can delegate some kind of fund for our trips to help others. I personally would be able to help some im sure others could also.

This may have already been brought up in the past or there may already be big quarterly meetings im semi new here!

4 am random thought lol feel free to let me know thoughts or adjustments?!
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Aug 26, 2009
, Kentucky, USA
I'd like to see this kind of thing come to fruition as well. The issue with these meet-up's seems to be getting enough people, even at the "local" levels to attend. I've been working to get one started in my local area but after a couple attempts, I gave up and looked to a different & larger area (Ashland). For now, that is what I consider to be my local area even though it is over 60 miles one way trip for me.

It would be great to have individual meet-up's on the local levels and to also have larger group meetings as well but getting the people together is the hard part. Scheduling, finances & time are all of course determining factors that make it even harder to pull these off.

Lexington had had a couple of these meet-up's out in Jacobson Park but they encounter so much resistance and harrassment it seemed and being that these things can NOT be largely promoted as they really need to be due to it then becoming a massive issue with having to have insurance as well. SO, we've learned that these meet-up's have to be promoted by word of mouth or by net, like here.

We have been running our EKOC meet up at the Golden Corral in Ashland. I've talked with the restaurant manager and he has been completely accepting of our meet-up's and has even expressed that he liked us meeting there because "if anything went down there while we were there, He'd feel alot safer with us there". That's always a great thing to hear from a store manager. *LOL*

So, with all that being said, I'm with ya on this but we need many more folks out there running local meet-up's in there areas and we need a central meet-up as well. I'll keep watching this post for additional info though.