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Oh Well! Too Late for advice now,,, My B-day toast...

1245A Defender

Regular Member
Jul 7, 2009
north mason county, Washington, USA
another year,,, a year of decline,,, i am in my very own past life,,,
i am past riding my motorcycle
sailing my boat
flying my airplane
driving my car
shooting my guns
walking without my wheelchair
being in love.
it has been a year of decline.
a shot of scotch,,, get ready for another year,,, see how that turns out....


Active member
Nov 21, 2018
Washington Island, WISCONSIN. Out in Lake Michigan
Bless you.

I still ride my tricycle long and hard.
I did give up my sailboat a few years ago.
I drive my BMW too fast but no tickets since 1977.
Wear my gun every day and pray I have no cause to shoot it.
I walk fine unassisted, but use my walking sticks on my 4 mile not often enough walk.
I am in love with my 85 y.o. wife.
Yes, I am aging, 75 y.o.
I test for COVID anosmia and dysgeusia every day with a half-liter of fine wine.
We will spend the first quarter of the New Year in Florida, tricycling. We will cruise Norway in December of the New Year.
I hope and pray to be baptised for the first time soon, and then confirmed, first communion and renew our vows.
I am working to lease property in California to a solar farm, a fine gift for my kids.

Bless you.

color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Ready to turn 74.
Life isn't fair.
Somehow married 48 years. May be it's because my office is 50 feet away from her kitchen hangout.
Mild COPD - A pain in the a$$.
Charley horses of a regular basses.
There is no such thing as the Golden Years.
Just need reading glasses.
Have good strength in both hands to hold the gun and pull the trigger. P/S and hit the target.
Still have a sharp mind writing legal briefs for attorneys and non-attorneys (pro se).
And the idea of "practicing law without a license" is unconstitutional.

I wish to live long enough for at least two things - my grand kids remember all the cool adventures grandpa took them on, and seeing gun control die a miserable death.