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Ohio University Open Carry/Firearm Education Walk - misleading commentary


Accomplished Advocate
Aug 17, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
The **editor** of the Athens News has taken bigotry and prejudice to a whole new level while "commenting" (LOL) on the Ohio University Walk:

http://www.athensnews.com/opinion/weari ... b87bf.html

Individuals who've participated in prior Walks I've organized will immediately recognize numerous questionable characterizations, among many other things. Other people, well, haters gonna hate.

Walk link: https://www.facebook.com/events/108698543003938

What open-carry walkers hoped to prove remains a mystery

A group of openly armed gun-rights activists invaded the International Street Fair in uptown Athens on Saturday. Or perhaps “invaded” is overstating the situation.

The several openly armed men – two or three middle-aged or older wearing polo shirts and khaki shorts or jeans and a couple of younger men – strolled down Court Street amid the various international booths and attending crowds. Their grand entrance mainly elicited indifference from international and domestic students alike, as well as from the many Athens area residents who attended the popular annual Street Fair.

The gun activists were carrying pistols and rifles. Here, I’m going to save you from a precise identification of the firearms they were carrying. I don’t know and don’t care, and am guessing you don’t either.

To put it ultra-mildly, this was a case of the actual event not living up to the pre-event hype and alarm. When word spread Friday night and Saturday morning that an “Open-Carry Firearm Education Walk” had been planned to coincide with the Street Fair on Saturday, social media caught fire, with a chorus of local voices condemning the plans and their poor timing. ...

OC for ME

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Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
Comments went pretty much the way of a college town rag. It would have been nice if the rag employee(s) were to have interviewed foreigners to get their views. Glossed over the Japanese (Japan gun laws and all being what they are) folks wanting a photo...tends to negate the liberal snowflake's premise when foreigners don't mind, but local liberals do, while the local liberals are decrying foreigners being intimidated...or is this irony?