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Open carried guns stolen?


Campaign Veteran
Jan 14, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Here's what I would envision as a very robust carry system using open carry which is virtually impossible to interdict by a gun grab.

1. Carry with a partner (who is being an extra set of "eyes", primarily), and also recording
2. Appendix carry
3. Centerline carry of the Kabar TDI knife as a first response to a 'grab'.
4. Retention holster if you can't appendix carry
5. Follow 3 S rule
6. Don't insert yourself
7. Avoid obvious mistakes, like wearing headphones, texting while walking, touching your firearm
8. Carry a recorder, preferable audio and video, always on to prevent false accusations
9. Carry with a friend who also does OC.
10. Know the laws in your area, especially contact rules and 'must disclose/present' permit laws), and follow them.

It's up to the individual or team on how to train, practice, assure and do backup.

11. Get in line at Wendy's behind five cops, break their uncomfortable silence by thanking them for their service, and enjoy the "free" protection. At least until lunch is over.

Your Item 1 comes in at a close second. :)