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Open Carry in Texas gaining momentum again


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May 8, 2006
Bedford, Texas, USA
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I just held a phone interview with Matt Thomas of KRLD 1080 AM, part of CBSradio news. Since Oklahoma is now attempting to repeal their open carry ban, Texas should be next in line if we start pursuing our news contacts and legislators. I will update this with news of when the interview will go on the air.



A vote in Oklahoma is expected to renew the push here in Texas for an open-carry law.
It's unclear whether the governor of Oklahoma will sign off, but yesterday the state house voted overwhelmingly to approve allowing gun owners with permits to openly carry their weapons in public. There's been a movement for years here in Texas for the state's conceal carry law to be changed to allow licensed owners to carry handguns in plain sight, but it's always faced opposition from those who believe allowing it would be intimidating to those who don't own guns. Others worry the wrong people could wrestle away a person's gun. But, thousands in Texas have signed a petition aimed at pushing lawmakers to allow law-abiding citizens to carry their guns in plain sight. The debate will no doubt heat up ahead of the next legislative session here in Texas in January.

This segment may air today at 2pm Central time.

and a open carry poll on the front page. hit it.



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Jun 12, 2008
Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
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The link to the poll is only mentioned in peripherally. I just read the original post and missed the mention of the poll. Now the OC poll doesn't even show up. If you want people here to respond to a poll, put it in the title of the thread.


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Jan 13, 2007
Colorado Springs, CO (formerly El Paso, TX)
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"Others worry the wrong people could wrestle away a person's gun."

No problem: Other OCers nearby (or maybe an 'undercover'CCer) could shoot the assailant multiple times in the head. Gun-grabbing attempt averted. Win-win situation for everyone, including taxpayers.

It's going to be a bit rough in the beginning when something like OC is new to a state -- or even CC in states that don't even have THAT, such as HI. Even when it comes to CC: Rememberall the stupid 'concerns' cluless liberals and police chiefs voiced when trail-blazing Florida pushed for (and then got) CC? As usual, the 'concerns' were completely groundless. They always are.

But the first ones out there OCing in OK (if it passes soon as expected, or here in TX if it passesin 2011) will be trailblazers,the center of lots of people's attention and encountering who knows what in response -- perhaps evil-eye looks, harsh words from unarmed liberals who can't even protect themselves (and probablyangry that you have chosen to do so), annoyed cops, anxious/weak/frightened store/restuarant/mall managers rushing to put up 'No Guns' signs -- but that has to be gone through, especially in the beginning. Still, timid folks should not apply for the position and best stay in the closet.

-- John D.