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Open Carry Picnic, Delavan, WI 7/15 noon-3:00 pm


Regular Member
Jul 18, 2009
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Yeah some guy nerfed my car while he was trying to parallel park. No major damage just the paint was scratched off the bumper. First he was trying to say that he didn't do it and that the scratch on his bumper was from someone else the other day
. Then when I showed him where the paint from his car was still on my bumper he starts rubbing it off. Really dude

Anyway Paul called the police to take a report. So the LEO comes and takes mine and the other guys info. Doesn't even bat an eyelash at the gun on my hip. I noticed he was carrying a XDm and asked him if it was a 9mm or .40 S&W, he said it was a .40. I said I hadn't heard of too many agencies going with a XDm and he said they were allowed to choose what the would carry. I thought that was pretty cool
. So that was when Paul mentioned that he was also carrying a XDm but then he let the cat out of the bag about not having fired it yet and the LEO says "How can you carry it without having fired it?"


Anyway it turned out all good. Good day with friends and it was good to see Nancy there.