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Open Carry protests


Regular Member
Jul 20, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
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I don't know if this particular idea has been thrown around or not, but I originally replied to the idea of protesting with "emtpy" holsters over in the New Jersey forum.

Instead of protesting by walking around with emtpy holsters, why not put blue safety guns in holsters, and carry them around Texas in protest? These guns should be widely recognized by LEO as being safety guns.

Sonora Rebel wrote: [/b]
Ya might want'a try an 'Empty Holster'Rally as Maryland did recently... but do it in a more convienient area... wander around in smallish groups, pass out 2A flyers 'n stuff... Combat the Tyranny!
Better yet, why not put one of those nifty blue training gun molds (Glock) in those empty holsters.


These will get out the protest in a more visible way. Organize walks like the American Heart Association does to raise money. Do the same for the gun rights movement in NJ.

Rush Creek

Regular Member
Sep 17, 2009
Arlington, Texas, USA
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I think the BLUE GLOCKcarry idea has merit if a significant number of people get involved in the exercise - as in thousands across the State . The blue glock idea is good depending on the individual and context because no sane (or honest) person would be "alarmed" at such a sight. Personally, I don't think that would be my style.

A group ACTUAL OC event organized in such a way as to demonstrate lawful carry in a mannerthat would be well publicized , prudently located, respectably carried out, and sanctioned by clearly fitting into one of the legal "excepted" conditions provided in 46.02 would also be a good exercise.

More visibility of OC in Texas - however it can be accomplished is a good thing. I suspect, or at least hope that there exist a cadre of prudent, informed citizens in Texas that are at least considering , if not actually engaged in pushing the envelope of exceptability & acceptabilitywhenever, wherever practical.This is one facet of the movement, but not for everybody. Those who are suited for it know who they are.

The core principle of OCDO is exposing the general public to a reality of more armed law-abiding citizens who not only do not alarm others, but contributeby their presence to a more secure community.Granted under present Texas statutory circumstances, that is a challenge.

Change is in the air in Texas. The wonder of human ingenuity & creativity is that freedom loving people will find a way to overcome oppression, and tyranny.