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Open Carry - Staunton...Harrisonburg...Waynesboro...Ect


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
I had some errands to do and was open carrying and had to stop at Costco in Harrisonburg to order some glasses. The gentleman checking cards at the door noticed my Ruger and asked that I either cover it or take it out to my auto before he would let me in the Costco. I do have a CCW permit and pulled my shirttail over my weapon and went on in. While at the optical counter he stopped by and told me thanks for complying with his request. I asked if there was a sign on the outer door to that request he said no that Costco was a private club and they did not have to place signs. He was very courteous chatted with me a while, said he carried also but stated company policy was "NO" guns in the store, but I looked OK, and he was OK with me covering the weapon up so as to not alarm other shoppers. Upon getting back home I did look up Costco's policy and it was indeed NO guns allowed in the stores unless you are a LEO. Just a heads up for others wanting to shop at Costco while OC'ing.
Old news, but worth reminding people.