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open carry


Aug 5, 2015
Carrollton ga
I was wondering..does open carry licence mean you can even carry a gun in your hand? The reason I ask is because they are using the open carry in Ohio with that gun picking up a bb gun in walmart.I thought it meant you are permitted to carry a gun in public as long as it is not in your hands.


Regular Member
Jul 13, 2014
Jefferson County, CO
In general, I doubt ANY jurisdiction will look favorably toward somebody who is hand-carrying a handgun (long guns are not in the scope of this entire website, so we'll leave that out of the discussion for this thread). Even though I open carry about half the time, any time I saw a firearm in somebody's hand, I would immediately assume there's a threat somewhere. In my mind, a gun in the hand means only one of four things:

  • An instructor or student in a classroom environment
  • A person practicing, training, or just shooting at an established range area (both of these can easily be determined by physical environment)
  • A bad guy who is intent on doing harm
  • A good guy, who may or may not need backup.

Do you have a link to the story you're referring to?