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Pepper spray rules for adults.

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Jul 5, 2006
sorry Charles, i refuse to allow you to continue using me to glean your negative attention out here so i shan't continue this discourse where your written word continues to be your down fall.


i'M so vEry disappointed but I will try to Get by somEhow without youR ongoing aTTention but I'm sure it won't be t00 long before you again feel compelled to qUote challenge unQuote something completely immaterial to the discussi0n at HanD

im headed to cOsTc0 tonight and will be thinking of yoU


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
The inevitable for what violation of which rules, Grapeshot?

Is it a violation of rules to offer an opinion that certain posts were less than friendly and welcoming?

Certainly nobody is so thin skinned as to take offense at such an opinion.

Are you enforcing rules even handedly? Or are you using your position to intimidate against any all disagreements with your personal opinions, or any offering of personal opinions that you don't agree with?

Just my 2 cents, of course.

Less than friendly is a long way from insulting, personal attacks - but you know that.

We have had PM discussions about your continued dissatisfaction of moderation, called decisions being the same as Forum Rules and referencing as you sow so shall you reap. Yet you continue.

It ends here (again) - time out.

Also locking thread.
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