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Photography Merits Pat-Down Search


Founder's Club Member
Nov 25, 2006
Suwannee County, FL
If you can still speak after getting shot.

I have the most calm demeanor when a cop is flipping out. I've gotten used to it. The contrast they see in themselves is embarrassing to them at this point. About a year ago I got the "Hands where I can see 'em!" I laughed the word "Why?" without even thinking about it.... In the next few seconds that followed, I realized "Holy crap, I just said that!" I didn't even hear what else he yelled at me, I was too surprised that just came out of my mouth... I was belly-laughing out loud at that point, like he wasn't even there. Apparently I did take my hands out of my pockets, but I didn't do it consciously.

It could be dangerous to have so much LEO abuse that you don't take it seriously anymore... See above paragraph...

No need to ask if you're being detained with that one... If there's a gun pointed at you and he's barking orders, duh... I'm used to it. Having a gun pointed at me is no big deal compared to other things LEOs have done to me.

Really? This same old crap again? Will they never learn?

Once I crossed my arms and asked "What is wrong with you?"

I'm not a badass or trying to portray that kind of idea... The point is that LEOs have a very narrow, predictable, and limited pattern of behavior and thinking. You get conditioned to it easily, and that is probably not a good thing... Having experienced a lot worse than having a G22 pointed at me, it isn't the maximum spectrum for me. I've become accustomed to it, and much prefer it over being shot at, or worse...

And gosh, how many times have I been arrested? Oh yeah zero. mach1chris has been tossed the bones necessary to figure out my name and look up my record, he can back that up. ;-)


Active member
Aug 4, 2007
Cumming, Georgia, USA
"Pardon me, citizen, but it appears you are taking a picture of dog poop, which has no aesthetic value."
"Is that your opinion as a trained professional photographer?"
"Don't give me any of that crap. I need to know if you're a terrorist or not, why are you taking that photograph?"
"It's not crap, it's poop."

"Are you Gonna Tell ME, or are we gonna go downtown, bub?"

"Okay, Officer Friendly, I'm mostly taking pictures of nothing, just to annoy you. With any luck you'll commit a crime, or violate my rights, or perform some other action for which I can take you, the department, and the government to court. I need the money, and I'm only taking photographs with the intent of instigating a court case. Would you care to help me get some?"
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