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Rainer Arms


Regular Member
Sep 2, 2011
Pacific, WA
I was going to post this on the South Sound Report but I felt it deserved it's own thread.
I have wanted an AR15 for a long time. After looking around at a lot of different companies and locations to purchase I decided to finally check out Rainier Arms in Auburn. I went in on the 31st. They have a really nice shop. They've got a few AR's already assembled on the wall but everything else is assembled in house. They also have some Nighthawks and a couple Glocks.
I spoke to one of the guys there about some pricing to get an idea of what I'd be looking at. He helped me figure out what parts I'd need/want. Nobody said anything about me OC the whole time.
I went back on friday the 3rd and placed an order for an AR. They gave me a Veterans Discount. They told me it would be a week before it was ready. They called 3 hours and 42 minutes later to tell me it was ready. Needless to say I was psyched.
My wife and I went and picked it up the next morning. I also purchased a Magpul Fore Grip and Magpul MBUS front and rear sights. I have pretty much everything else from the Infantry that I need to put on it. Couldn't find any of my fore grips which is why I bought a new one.
On monday I brought the AR back to Rainier Arms to get a new sling. All mine were pretty worn and some actually still had Iraq on them. I bought a couple of QD swivels and a Fortis Multi Point sling attachement that replaces the lower receiver plate. I also purchased a spanner wrench so I could install it.
The guy that sold it to me said I could install the sling attachement right there on the counter since I had never done that before. Well, it turns out that the castle nut was staked on there really good. I couldn't get it off of there and neither could he.
So he brought it back to their armorer and he installed it for me at no charge.
On tuesday the 7th I went up to the logging roads above Wilkeson and zeroed my new rifle and ran through some drills. I got a little carried away and ended up going through a full combat load. (210 rounds)
My first impressions are that this rifle is much better quality than the Colt M4 I carried in the Infantry.
I really felt these guys deserved their own thread. The level of customer service I received was unbelievable. I will continue going back there and spending my money.

Sorry, GoGoDawgs. I thought about going to Champion. I like your shop but I wanted to go to someplace AR15 Dedicated. I'm sure at some point I'll buy something from you.


Campaign Veteran
Oct 25, 2009
Federal Way, Washington, USA

Thanks for the nod. We often get people in that want to assemble their own ARs. At Champion we only carry completed ARs and not uppers/lowers. When we are asked about assembling your own we actually pass the business down to Rainier Arms as it is not our specialty. Kudos to Rainier Arms. Now if you want a pistol come see us soon.


Regular Member
May 22, 2008
Kent, Washington, USA
I have also been there several times to get things for my rifle. Once, before they moved into their current location, one of the employees told me I had to leave my sidearm in my truck, but I asked him why, since I was just there a couple of days before that talking to the owner, who had no issue with OC. So he dropped it and I've not had any more issues there.