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Remember, Guns are BAD!


Campaign Veteran
Jan 14, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
But remember: Citizens don't need firearms for self-defense. He should have just called the police.

If so, one needs a recording for 911 that's activated by a "panic button" that goes something like this:

"911 operator, if you're hearing this message I've been attacked, either in my home, at 123 Main St., or somewhere possibly near my car (unless that's now been stolen). Regardless, if you're hearing this, I'm either incapacitated or already dead, so please send help! Police would be great, but I realize it'll take them an average of 8 minutes to respond. Paramedics and/or an ambulance would be nice, as well. Regardless, you may have to send the coroner, too. I'd also like a reporter to investigate my demise. It may be because I either choose not to carry a firearm for self-defense, or am no longer allowed to carry one. Regardless, please send my condolences on my demise to my friends and family, and tell them I am sorry I forfeited my right to keep and bear arms."

Old Grump

Regular Member
Jan 22, 2010
Blue River, Wisconsin, USA
I'm just shocked he even had a handgun. I just hope his PAL and Restricted Firearms permit was up to date and his Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course certificate was good. I'm glad he survived but I hope next time he takes something with a longer barrel, more powerful round and doesn't rely on a warning shot. Generally those are just considered wasted ammunition. If mama Bear had been really serious that warning shot would have been the last sound he ever heard.


New member
Sep 30, 2011
A Conservative work in progress
I wasn't aware that handguns were legal for Canadians to own.

I ALWAYS carry at least one handgun in the woods.

Legal. But can never seen any action outside the range. We even need a form from our Chief firearms officer just to transport them from our home, to the range, gun shop, ect. But yes we can own handguns with barrels over 105mm.