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Roanoke Times Article - Campus Gun Ban


New member
May 16, 2007
, Virginia, USA
imported post

This is a pretty good article. It talks a little bit about the mounting challenge of college campus carry policies and David Briggman - fellow Virginian, former police officer,and crusader for the cause.I truly believe that the "never been tested" will become ever so much more contested, which will eventually lead to pro concealed carrypolicies for GMU, VA Tech, and many other US college students. This is starting!! Now is our time!!

For those of you that did not catch the article, please take a look.



Regular Member
May 15, 2006
Northern VA, Virginia, USA
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1911Heaven, welcome to OCDO!

I think I'd had seen that article awhile back. VT has always been very opposed to allowing students to carry. Hopefully we can help to change that.