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second guessing myself on oc/cc question


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Aug 19, 2009
FIRST, lets make it clear that this is NOT ABOUT, or INVOLVING drinking. example......out riding motorcycles with friends. I don't drink on the bike, but others do. so we stop at a bar.


ok so i know that you can't carry in a place that serves alcohol UNLESS you have a ccw.

BUT.........for some reason i have this thought that you can only CC in a bar with a ccw. I swear that somewhere i was told/read/heard that you can only CC in a bar with a CCW, but not OC UNLESS you have permission.

I've been trying to look it up, but all i can find is

941.237  Carrying handgun where alcohol beverages may be sold and consumed.

(2) Whoever intentionally goes armed with a handgun on any premises for which a Class "B" or "Class B" license or permit has been issued under ch. 125 is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

(3) Subsection (2) does not apply to any of the following:

(cx) A licensee, as defined in s. 175.60 (1) (d), or an out-of-state licensee, as defined in s. 175.60 (1) (g), if the licensee or out-of-state licensee is not consuming alcohol on the premises.

nowhere can i find anything that says whether or not it has to be OC/CC. so based on what i'm reading here, as long as i have my CCW, and NOT DRINKING, (and they're not posted) i can either OC or CC.

correct or did i miss something???

Herr Heckler Koch


This is a point NOT made by many trainers, especially LEA affiliated. They're more interested in prohibiting than expanding freedom.

If we were to develop a FAQ then I would suggest that it be structured as "What is legal to do and how to do it legally," rather than parrot the DoJ.
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