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Sheriff Lewis and Delegate Smigiel Star in Educational OC Video


Regular Member
Jun 15, 2013
North Dakota
You can view the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKtkefEcDQY

Delaware Online said:
Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis and a deputy, dressed in full uniform and using sheriff’s office cars, have starred in a video detailing when and how Marylanders can “open carry” some weapons.
The reason for the theatrics (pun intended :lol:)? To advance Maryland to a shall issue state. Obviously, this is being done at the expense of long-gun OC.

delegatemike.com said:
If “open carry” is allowed, the police and citizens of the State have to be ready for scenarios like that which is contained in this video. More tragic results may occur if citizens and Police are not properly educated as to the Constitutionality of “open carry”. The easiest way to prevent concern of citizens and police associated with viewing the open display of firearms associated with “open carry” is to pass shall issue “concealed carry” in Maryland.
Given long-gun OC is off limits on this forum we won't discuss the implications that this video may or may not have for that means of carry. Rather, on a positive note hopefully this could eventually result in shall-issue permit handgun OC. This is within reach given the current legislation around handgun carry. So, if a shall-issue provision is enacted, and all else remains unchanged- it's a win.


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Sep 12, 2007
Newport News, Virginia, USA
OK, the sheriff is told by the citizen that the citizen wants to exercise his 2a right, the sheriff does not tell the citizen that it is against the law, the sheriff says phew and wow and then says I can't let you do that. As if a citizen needs the sheriff's permission to exercise fundamental rights!