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Sheriffs Election


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May 31, 2007
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Is there any information on Dan Barry's position on open carry? Registration?Concealed carry permit issuance, etc.?



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Apr 15, 2008
Las Vegas NV, ,
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Here ya go a email I had with him. It reads from the bottom up.

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RE: Questions on your running for office.
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 3:46 PM

"Dan Barry" <danbarry@cox.net>Add sender to Contacts

Thks for the kind words. I would be glad to have them posted, I’m also willing to meet with any group to discuss our campaign. – Thks Dan

From: xxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 11:55 PM
To: Dan Barry
Subject: Re: Questions on your running for office.

Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast. Those are great answers that I am happy to hear. I wonder if it would be ok to post your response on our local gun forum Nevadashooters .com and also Opencarry.org in the nevada section. I know Laurie Bisch(spelling) has done so on both forums, and I know fellow locals would like to hear from you as well

From: Dan Barry <danbarry@cox.net>
To: xxxxxxx@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, April 12, 2010 6:34:02 PM
Subject: RE: Questions on your running for office.
Mrxxxxx – Thks for your question. I am a strong supporter of the 2[suP]nd[/suP] Amendment, and there is nothing illegal with open carry. We need to ensure that officers are trained to treat people with respect and courtesy, at all times.

As far as the registration process (blue cards), I want to examine that entire process to see if it should be done away with. My cell is 812-0015, call me and I’d be happy to discuss it in greater detail. – Thks and God Bless, Dan

From: xxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 12:21 PM
To: Dan@BarryForSheriff.com
Subject: Questions on your running for office.

Will you remove the blue card?

How will you instruct your officers to treat folks like me who are lawful open carriers of firearms?


The Big Guy

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Oct 20, 2009
Waco, TX
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His answers seem a bit weak to me. He says he is a strong supporter of #2, but he states he needs to "examine" the blue card issue. Being strong on the 2nd amendment I would think that would be clear to him. He stated that OC was legal, but did not say he supported it. Not bad answers, but not exciting either.


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May 12, 2010
City? Who wants to live in a CITY?, Nevada, USA
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Nevada carrier wrote:
It doesn't matter what his opinion is, Nevada's Preemption applies. Agreement is not a requisite of compliance.
It DOES matter.

I don't want compliance with the OC law, I want AGREEMENT. That will percolate down through the office and affect the way deputies view us.

A deputy whose Sheriff grudgingly complies will feel encouraged to find other stuff to throw at an OC. A deputy whose Sheriff sees OC as the Good Guys won't look too hard for something.