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Supreme Court won't review gun rights outside of home - CNBC


State Pioneer
May 22, 2006
Shasta County, California, USA

The justices let stand a ruling by Maryland's highest court that upheld a state law prohibiting the carrying of a handgun without a permit outside of one's home.

The court turned down the opportunity to define the reach of its landmark 2008 ruling that the constitutional right to keep and bear arms applies to individuals and allows them to use guns for lawful purposes such as self-defense in the home.


Regular Member
Oct 18, 2009
Oklahoma, USA
I don't see where this has any bearing on Gun Rights outside of the home in MD.

Williams bought his handgun legally from a licensed dealer in August 2007, but never applied for a permit.

When asked what he had hidden in the bushes, Williams replied, "My gun." The officer then retrieved the handgun, a black Glock with 15 rounds in the magazine.

As I understand the appeal, it did not ask the court to comment on the constitutionality of the MD permit requirement, rather it asked for the court to "dismiss" the state permit requirement in light of Williams' failure to acquire the permit.

Then, I am confused by the implications of the second statement ... the man had a gun in a book bag that he had HIDDEN(?) in the bushes??? So, at some point in time, the gun was left unattended in public? IMHO, Williams demonstrated in no uncertain terms that he was unfit to carry or posses a firearm.


Campaign Veteran
Jan 14, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
The Supreme Court of the United States of America is Dead - R.I.P.

Key point in the article: "The Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that gun rights applied not just to federal laws, but to state and city laws as well. The court's rulings in the gun cases have been closely divided, by 5-4 votes and split along conservative and liberal lines."

If they've ruled that gun rights apply at the local, state, and federal levels, then they've ruled. Since they did not rule that gun rights apply only in the home or only outside the home, then their ruling is all-inclusive, applying both inside as well as outside the home.

That's why I say the Supreme Court is dead. They must be, as this was a no-brainer. All they would have had to do is uphold their previous 2010 ruling with a minor clarification. They did not, and since anyone alive would have done so, they must be dead.

Perhaps they're zombies, merely brain-dead, for ruling that gun rights apply to individuals. As the Constitutional commandment "shall not be infringed" immediately follows, they have already set the standard: "[An individual's] right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Yet having set the standard, they ignore a Maryland court's decision that infringes on the right of individuals to keep and bear arms?

They must be dead. Otherwise, this would have been classified as a reversal, rather than letting a lower court's decision stand.