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Template for "No Guns, No money" Cards


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Mar 14, 2010
North Central Wisconsin, ,
Been here before

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I just used the MS- Word files, front and back from this site


I set the front side left margin at 0.6"
I set the back side left margin at 0.4"

I printed the front side on my ink jet and then just turned the paper over and printed the back side. Mine all lined up. Using a razor knife and stiff straight edge, they can be cut into cards. I used some pretty heavy paper.

Da Po-lock

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Jan 21, 2011
Green Bay, WI
How does this sound ?

You have chosen to ban firearms in your business. I choose to legally carry a firearm to protect my family. I will take my money to your competitors who allow firearms until YOU allow law-abiding armed citizens into your business. Your ban on firearms tells me the only concern you have is for my money and not the safety of my loved ones. Your lack of respect NOT your policy force me to avoid your business.

I as well as ALL law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin am legally entitled to open carry a firearm OR carry a concealed firearm with a permit for protection.

I will inform everyone I know as well as all internet forums I frequent of your policy so others can choose to give you their money or to avoid your business as I have.

If you wish to discuss this please feel free to call me at 920-XXX-XXXX


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Jun 17, 2010
Marshfield, WI
I just used the MS- Word files, front and back from this site


This is the card I have seen that comes closest to mirroring the impact of ACT 35 in Wisconsin. The only suggestion I have is for us to develop language to suggest the business may be held liable if an unarmed customer who otherwise would carry openly or who is licensed to carry concealed suffers an injury or death that could reasonably have been prevented had they been armed. I'm no legal whiz kid but perhaps something along the lines of:

"By prohibiting all weapons, you have disarmed and made helpless anyone who enters your store. Your actions have made your store more dangerous for patrons who otherwise would carry firearms legally and made your business safer for criminals. You may incur civil liability if any of your customers suffers attack, injury, or death that could reasonably have been deterred or prevented had they been legally armed."